Biographical Map Library of European Authors

BIO-MAPS is a project that integrates secondary education centers with university centers and scientific organizations to provide an academic base for short-term exchanges with students from secondary schools and extract scientific results from the experiences carried out during these exchanges, which will be exhibited in conferences and courses and documents that will remain as the intellectual results of the project. The project aims to raise awareness about the social value of literature as part of the European cultural heritage; to show that Heritage is a source of wealth and can be a generator of economic resources; to promote the use of work methodologies and innovative digital technology in asset analysis; to promote the work methodology "Digital Map Storytelling" and the technologies of Geographic Information Systems in the Cloud with ArcGIS Online; to encourage the competence development of students in linguistic communication skills, by working on digital storytelling with maps; to raise conscience and cultural expressions, when carrying out the literary routes in digital cartography.
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Project Coordinator
GILT Coordinator
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Nuno Escudeiro Paula Escudeiro
IES San Roque, Spain
Kispesti Karolyi Mihaly Magyar-Spanyol Tannyelvu; Gimnazium Hungría; Escola Secundária Quinta das Palmeiras, Portugal; Eurogeo Vzw, Belgium; Universidad Nacional De Educacion a Distancia, Spain; Eotvos Lorand Tudomanyegyetem, Hungary; Instituto Politécnico do Porto, Portugal
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