Lean and Agile Practices linking Engineering Higher Education to Industry

LEAP aims at building experience and knowledge among higher education students on emerging lean and agile industry practices empowering them to effectively transition into the professional world, focusing on engineering disciplines. The project further aims at closing the new digital divide by promoting the development of high quality digital content for higher education linked to both academic and industry needs. Lean practices will encourage students to design solutions that meet needs while minimizing the deployment of resources. Agile practices expose students to industry cycles in which design is integrated throughout production processes, as opposed to only in the early stages of production, ensuring that the final product effectively addresses consumer needs.
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Project Coordinator
GILT Coordinator
Leading Institution
Carlos Vaz de Carvalho
University of Thessaly, Greece
University of Thessaly; Institute for Research and Technology Thessaly; Tallinn University; University of Central Lancashire; Instituto Politécnico do Porto; University of Vigo
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