ICT for Science

In the recent years there has been, at European level, an increase in the implementation of Information and Communication Technologies in Education, due to different strategies and policies implemented in several projects since the 80s. It is necessary, in this context, to analyze, reflect on the current situation and produce guidelines pointing towards the improvement of teaching and learning with ICT. In particular, looking at the teaching of Sciences, where ICT tools can replace, in part, expensive laboratories. Thus, this project has as main objective to draw a roadmap of the implementation/use of Information and Communication Technologies in Primary, Secondary and Vocational Schools in order to assess their use and thus design guidelines in order to find best practices of ICT use in teaching-learning processes in the Sciences domain. This will be achieved through an extended discussion of practitioners and decision makers gathered on a Community of Practice supported by virtual and social tools.
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Project Coordinator
GILT Coordinator
Leading Institution
Carlos Vaz de Carvalho
Paula Escudeiro
Superior Institute of Engineering of Porto, Portugal
Portucalense University; Tecnalia Research & Innovation; Universidad de Vigo; Vilniaus kolegija/University of Applied Sciences; Accord International S.R.O.; Cordia a.s.; Fondazione Ikaros; Ataköy Cumhuriyet Anadolu Lisesi; Provincia de Parma
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