European Digital Portfolio for University Students

The EDIPUS Project will create a new powerful tool, namely the Digital Portfolio Portal (DPP) which will be addressing the employability needs of university students and young job seekers. The DPP, will provide students with a digital area, where they can create their own portfolio of experiences and qualifications in a creative and professional way. The DPP aims to replace the traditional CV, by offering a smarter tool to students to express themselves. The Digital Portfolio will allow students to record all their experiences and to present themselves to employers prior to an interview, thus having the chance to make a good first impression. In addition, EDIPUS will produce a Database of digital portfolios, where employers can have access and choose the right candidates for their company needs.
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Project Coordinator
GILT Coordinator
Leading Institution
Nuno Escudeiro Paula Escudeiro
European Association of Erasmus Coordinators
European Association Of Erasmus Coordinators; Instituto Superior De Engenharia Do Porto; Enoros Consulting Ltd; University Of Piraeus Research Center; Unimed Unione Delle Universita Delmeditteraneo Associazione; Erasmus Student Network; Universitaet Wien; Eurocrea Merchant Srl; Fundación Universidad Empresa De La Región De Murcia
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