D-PBL: advancing project-based learning into the Digital Era

The aim of D-PBL project is to combine digital teaching-learning with project-based learning, applied in an international context. PBL focuses on problem solving and solutions seekers, providing students with a rich learning path, given that the job market increasingly demands transversal skills in teams to achieve a better collective intelligence effort. D-PBL promotes outcomes-oriented learning while integrating transdisciplinary approaches with innovative active pedagogic practices. Students, mainly, and lecturers, jointly, are the target groups to be addressed in the project. The former benefit from increasing their digital competencies, above all those that will be structural when they enter into their jobs, and also benefit from a recent, but effective, pedagogical learning process that focus, both on the technical competencies, and the transversal ones. The latter benefit from actualization of digital competencies and improving their pedagogical skills, likewise becoming more effective while lecturing, and, at the same time, establishing a mutual communication platform with their students.The D-PBL project is scheduled for 24 months. The first stage will be dedicated to diagnose digital skills weaknesses in the lecturers and train them. In parallel, the working environment (the D-PBL cell) will be conceived, assembled, evaluated, and replicated among the six participants. In the final activity, the cells and procedures will be tuned in real working multi-national PBL student groups and all the emerging knowledge will be recorded.
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Project Coordinator
GILT Coordinator
Leading Institution
Nuno Escudeiro Paula Escudeiro
Maiêutica- Cooperativa de Ensino Superior CRL, Portugal
IPP; Vilniaus Technologiju IR Dizaino Kolegija; Panepistimio Patron; Univerzitet u Beogradu; Fundacion Universidad Francisco de Vitoria
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