VRNurse4Kids closing Meeting at Odisee Sint-Niklaas, 28th of May 2024

The VRNurse4Kids Project is reaching its final stage. Targeting at nursing students and nurses in paediatric settings, under the VRNurse4Kids project relevant research concerning the use of Virtual Reality in nursing paediatric settings was developed. One of the project results (PR4), which was led by GILT research team, comprises the production of an e-learning course to make nursing students and nurses aware of and familiar with the use of virtual reality (VR) in paediatric nursing acts. By now the course integrates four modules, providing an overview of base concepts, features, and procedures about VR, focusing on healthcare contexts. In the closing meeting, the piloting results will be discussed as well as the future steps for improving and enlarging the course materials and escalating the course to other healthcare areas.