STEAME: inaugural newsletter

In a significant stride towards advancing European teacher education, the ERASMUS+ Teacher Academies Programme is backing the groundbreaking STEAME TEACHER FACILITATORS ACADEMY project. Spearheaded by the University of the National Education Commission, Krakow (UKEN), this initiative aims to redefine teacher education policies and practices across Europe.

The project is set to establish the Erasmus+ Teacher Academies Network, comprising 14 diverse organizations from 9 countries. These organizations will collaboratively focus on enhancing initial and continuing teacher education through innovative strategies and programs. The ambitious goal is to create networks and communities of practice, fostering collaboration between educators and stakeholders.

The partners in this venture, which includes the Polytechnic University of Porto (IPP), are dedicated to developing effective and transferable strategies for professional learning. By promoting blended training programs, the project seeks to address key EU priorities and improve collaboration in teacher education.

This information and regular updates of the project activities and events can be found in the STEAME newsletter if subscribed, in this website. The latest newsletter can be found attached.