SECOVE Project Initiates WP6: Innovation Hubs

As part of its ongoing commitment to revolutionize vocational education, the SECOVE project is set to embark on the next phase with the commencement of Work Package 6. This phase includes the establishment of Innovation Hubs across Greece, Slovakia, and Portugal, marking a significant leap towards promoting innovation in Vocational Education and Training (VET).

The primary goal of Work Package 6 is to create dynamic learning spaces, known as Innovation Hubs, dedicated to fostering experiential learning, technological uptake, and innovation in VET. These hubs aim to provide students with hands-on experiences in a controlled environment, equipped with cutting-edge devices, technology, and tools to tackle real-world problems.

Key Functions of Innovation Hubs:

  1. Connectivity: Facilitating seamless communication and collaboration.
  2. Knowledge Management: Ensuring effective organization and dissemination of information.
  3. Activity Management: Coordinating and overseeing various innovation-related initiatives.

Services Offered by Innovation Hubs:

  1. Awareness: Marketing and promotion of innovative practices.
  2. Education and Training: Offering professional training and educational programs.
  3. Research/Transfer: Conducting research and experimental applications.
  4. Entrepreneurship: Identifying business and service opportunities.
  5. Dissemination: Socializing new technologies, systems, and success stories.
  6. Networking: Organizing events to share information and engage with stakeholders.

Under the SECOVE project, these Innovation Hubs will function as a transnational platform, facilitating connectivity and collaboration among partners. Greece, Slovakia, and Portugal will anchor the hubs, while other project partners will leverage existing infrastructure, creating a comprehensive network for the exchange of knowledge and ideas.

The P.Porto VET Innovation Hub is being built from scratch within the framework of the SECOVE project. As a dynamic focal point for advancing innovation in VET, it stands as a testament to cutting-edge technology and forward-thinking methodologies. This hub is dedicated to propelling transformative changes within the VET landscape, with a keen focus on integrating practical learning experiences, technological advancements, and entrepreneurial skills.

Within this Innovation Hub, students will have the opportunity to put theoretical knowledge into practice, utilizing advanced devices, technology, and tools to address real-world problems. The hub’s functions encompass essential aspects such as connectivity, knowledge management, and activity management, ensuring a cohesive and impactful approach to fostering innovation.

As a key partner in the SECOVE project, P.Porto is shouldering the responsibility of developing and advancing the P.Porto VET Innovation Hub. This commitment underscores the institution’s dedication to revolutionizing vocational education, preparing students for the challenges of the future through practical learning, technological integration, and the cultivation of entrepreneurial skills. The Innovation Hub is poised to become a cornerstone in shaping the future of VET, emphasizing innovation, collaboration, and excellence.