SECOVE Observatory Workshop in Košice

In a collaborative effort, the SECOVE project, in partnership with Slovak entities, organized a workshop on November 29, 2023, dedicated to enhancing the inclusiveness and attractiveness of vocational education and training in Slovakia’s renewable and sustainable energy sector.

The workshop convened a diverse group of 29 participants, including university and secondary school students, teachers, education policymakers, and representatives from the industrial sector. The initial session provided insights into the SECOVE project, emphasizing the objectives and outcomes of Work Package 5 – Inclusion and Attractiveness, along with an in-depth report assessing the current state of vocational education in Slovakia.

A moderated discussion followed, delving into crucial aspects such as recommendations to improve the appeal and inclusivity of vocational training in the renewable energy sector. The discourse included perspectives on inclusion and attractiveness at educational institutions, insights from policymakers, and recommendations for necessary improvements.

Concluding the event, the SECOVE project presented forthcoming activities. The views and suggestions gathered during the workshop discussions will be instrumental in shaping the project’s future initiatives.

Evaluation feedback highlighted the workshop’s significance, with all participants acknowledging its value. A remarkable 95% expressed a positive recommendation for similar events to raise awareness of inclusiveness and attractiveness in vocational education. Furthermore, nearly 90% expressed keen interest in continued engagement with the SECOVE project’s activities and outputs, underscoring the success of the workshop in fostering collaboration and awareness in the renewable energy education sector.