SA2CC website and social media launch

In the face of escalating climate change challenges, a pioneering initiative emerges, aiming to revolutionize agricultural and forestry practices. The Sustainable Agriculture, Forestry, and Livestock Production Towards Climate Change (SA2CC) project embodies a paradigm shift towards a more integrated and adaptive approach to land management.

Recognizing the intricate interplay of ecosystem dynamics, SA2CC emphasizes the necessity of holistic landscape-scale understanding. Traditional siloed approaches, where forestry and agriculture operate independently, are deemed inadequate in the face of evolving climatic conditions. Hence, SA2CC advocates for a cohesive strategy, bridging the gap between these sectors for enhanced resilience.

At the heart of SA2CC lies a commitment to innovative solutions. Outdated forest policies, which have long hindered progress, are slated for transformation. Embracing an integrated perspective, the project seeks to leverage synergies between forest trees, hedges, and agro-forestry techniques.

Central to SA2CC’s success is collaboration. The project fosters a dynamic partnership between forestry and agriculture specialists, pooling expertise to devise smart climate adaptation strategies. From water management to wildfire prevention, from logistical challenges to ensuring wood availability for rural communities, SA2CC advocates for a comprehensive approach to resilience-building.

In a bid to amplify its impact, SA2CC has launched its website and social media platforms. These channels serve as vital conduits for disseminating project findings, fostering dialogue, and mobilizing support. Through active engagement and knowledge-sharing, SA2CC endeavors to catalyze transformative change on a global scale.

To access the website, please visit

All social media can be accessed through the website as well.