SA2CC Kick-Off Meeting at USV, Suceava – day 1

The SA2CC project (Sustainable Agriculture, Forestry, and small-scale Livestock production towards Climate Change) marked a significant milestone with its kick-off meeting held at the University of Suceava (USV) on Thursday, January 25th, extending to Friday, January 26th.

Hosted by USV, the event brought together the project partners for a face-to-face meeting following the initial online session in December. The project is set to address critical issues related to climate change resilience in agriculture and livestock production.

In this first day, the event began with a warm welcome and an introduction to the University of Suceava, allowing participants to familiarize themselves with the host institution and its role in the SA2CC project. A significant focus was placed on the presentation of the draft partnership agreement, with collaborators engaging in thorough deliberations to ensure alignment with the shared vision and project goals. The meeting also finalized members for the Steering Committee and Quality Committee, establishing a foundation for effective governance and quality assurance throughout the project’s lifecycle. Project leaders provided a comprehensive overview, detailing work packages, milestones, and the schedule for deliverable submissions, offering participants a holistic understanding of the project’s scope and objectives.