Intra-Africa Mobility Scheme Coordinators’ Meeting Introduces COCREATE-Africa Project

The Intra-Africa Mobility Scheme coordinators’ meeting witnessed the unveiling of the COCREATE-Africa project, selected under the NDICI-2023-MOBAF Call. Held in collaboration with the European Education and Culture Executive Agency and the Directorate-general for International Partnerships, the event aimed to inform beneficiaries about project cycle management and foster networking opportunities.

Among the projects presented, COCREATE-Africa stood out for its ambition to address climate change and poverty in Eastern and Central Africa. Led by a consortium of universities, the project aims to enhance knowledge capacity in climate-smart agriculture (CSA) through the EU’s Intra-Africa academic mobility scheme. With a focus on sustainable development, COCREATE-Africa plans to support 54 mobility flows, including Masters, PhDs, staff, and trainees.

During the event, speakers highlighted the importance of COCREATE-Africa’s objectives in promoting resilience and sustainable livelihoods in African communities. Through targeted training and research, the project endeavors to empower individuals and institutions to confront the impacts of climate change effectively.

As the COCREATE-Africa project sets its course, stakeholders anticipate transformative outcomes in Africa’s agricultural sector, marking a significant step towards a more resilient and prosperous future.