ICHT Project Finale: Celebrating Breakthroughs in Cultural Tourism Accessibility

In a event held at HF Ipanema Park, the ICHT – Inclusive Cultural Heritage Tourism project celebrated the successful culmination of its efforts over the past two years. Hosted by Medidata, the project coordinator, the closing ceremony took place on the 29th of June, marking a significant milestone in the development of inclusive tourism in the North of Portugal.

Drawing upon their collective expertise and collaboration, a consortium of esteemed partners including Medidata, ISEP, and IPV from Portugal, POLIMI from Italy, HEVS from Switzerland, and Trier from Germany worked diligently from 2021 to 2023 to realize the project’s goals. The objective was to leverage previous experience in automatic translation of sign languages to create unique and innovative tools that would enhance inclusive cultural tourism and cater specifically to the needs of the deaf community.

The outcome of the project is set to revolutionize the way cultural heritage is experienced by the deaf in the region. Through the implementation of cutting-edge technology and advancements in automatic sign language translation, the project aims to empower the deaf community, allowing them to fully engage with and appreciate cultural sites and events.

The closing event at HF Ipanema Park served as a platform to showcase the innovative solutions developed during the project’s duration and the results obtained.

With the successful conclusion of the ICHT project, the partners involved have cemented their commitment to advancing accessibility and inclusivity within the tourism industry. Their collaborative efforts have paved the way for a more inclusive future, where cultural heritage can be shared and appreciated by all.

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