Forum on Vocational Excellence 2023

The Forum on Vocational Excellence, held on September 25th and 26th in Amsterdam, the Netherlands, was a collaborative effort between the Community of Practice on COVEs, Katapult, and Tknika. These organizations, along with the European Commission, brought together over 100 representatives from various COVE projects and Vocational Excellence initiatives across Europe. Among the attendees were the researchers Paula Escudeiro and Nuno Escudeiro from IPP.
The importance of promoting cooperation between the public and private sectors in vocational education, both within and between countries, cannot be overstated. This initiative allows for stakeholders, local partners, and VET institutions to work together in creating an efficient environment that addresses current and future skill needs.
The forum provided a platform for education and VET providers, government officials, social companies, and European stakeholders to exchange knowledge, share best practices, and take ownership of the skills development of the current workforce in areas such as green, digital, social, and professional skills.

By 2027, the plan is to create a minimum of 100 networks of COVEs.

Here, you will find more details on the event.