D-PBL Digital Problem Based Learning Workshop

The D-PBL (D-PBL: Advancing Project-Based Learning into the Digital Era) project brings together seven European partners, including ISEP/IPP and Universidade da Maia. The project’s main goals focus on three key areas: providing real-world context for technical skill development during the learning process, fostering effective digital skills among participants, including faculty and students, and integrating the latter into multinational teams.

Partial specific objectives of the project include evaluating the digital skills of faculty and subsequently training them to combine digital and pedagogical skills effectively. The project also aims to design spaces (classrooms) where students and faculty will work on their projects, creating conditions that enhance both technical and digital contexts through the establishment of PBL cells. Multinational teams will work on solving business problems, finding solutions while communicating through digital technologies.

An upcoming session on May 9th will be dedicated to higher education faculty, where topics related to teaching in a digital format supported by PBL methodology will be addressed. Additionally, real project components will be presented.