ATHENA Research Board Meeting at Orléans University

The ATHENA European University had the final event of the seminar series regarding ‘The European University initiative, from European policy to practice on the ground: Solutions for smart integration’ at Orléans University.

The University of Orléans hosted a round table to discuss effective solutions for the main challenges that European University alliances face today in presence of major stakeholders. The round table took place in Orléans and streaming live online on Monday 28 February at 2 pm CET.

Orléans University also hosted the ATHENA Research Board Meeting. Paula Escudeiro was the IPP representative. The following aspects have been addressed:

  1. Presentations of the activities of the ATHENA partner Universities.
  2. Discussion on the integration/collaboration of research facilities of the partner Universities. Presentation of a proposed governance & collaboration scheme for discussion.
  3. Discussion on the thematic research priorities. A first draft is attached
  4. Decision was taken to start recording the research facilities/equipment for the ATHENA Research Integration/Collaboration
  5. The research integration/collaboration policy of ATHENA University is strongly connected and affected by the collaboration agreements between the ATHENA University partners for Doctoral studies.
  6. Decision was taken to have frequent meetings/communications (online) before the next meeting in person.