2nd SECOVE Project Management Meeting: day 2

The second day (6th July) of the SECOVE Project Management Meeting was successfully held in Porto, Portugal. During the meeting, several aspects were addressed, including the dissemination of results, project management and future planning. Strategies for disseminating and exploiting the project’s results were discussed, such as newsletters, an editorial calendar and a campaign on social networks. Plans for articles and presentations related to the project, as well as a transnational conference on vocational education, were also discussed. Project management was addressed with the submission of internal reports and annual technical and financial reports. Issues related to the preparation of progress reports for the responsible agency were also discussed. The day ended with an extended discussion on planning next steps and tasks, including organizing future project management meetings and international conferences.

The 2nd SECOVE Project Management Meeting yielded productive outcomes, and the participants showcased strong dedication to the project’s success.

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