About us

GILT - Games, Interaction and Learning Technologies
GILT - Games, Interaction and Learning Technologies is a R&D unit hosted by the Porto Polytechnic since 2005. GILT seeks excellence in multidisciplinary research, development and innovation in the use of technology to support the sustainable development of the Society, while embedded in an international environment. GILT develops and exploits scientific and technical knowledge in the fields of educational technology, assistive technology and related areas.
GILT aims at fostering multidisciplinary knowledge through applied research, innovation and advanced studies in the field of learning technologies, as well as transferring knowledge and technology to promote the inclusion of disadvantaged groups.
The Unit is organized in five thematic lines/activities: Learning Technology, Assistive Technology, Serious Games, Interaction and Health Technology.
Learning Technology
Aims to further research and develop the integration of technology in educational settings
Assistive Technology
Fosters equity and equal opportunities by assuring general access to digital content through digital means irrespectively of disabilities, socio-economic status and education
Serious Games
Delivers a multidisciplinary approach to exploit the motivational and immersive nature of games for serious purposes like training, education, marketing or awareness raising
Addresses new approaches to human-computer interaction, including digital arts, brain-computer interaction devices and related subjects
Promotes research on the use of multimedia in medicine and health environments