Welcome to GILT Research Unit

We are located in the College of Engineering (ISEP) and we are focused on the analysis, design and development of scientific and technical knowledge in the fields of Learning Technology, Assistive Technology, Serious Games, Interaction and Health Technology.

GILT participa no programa Tech3

A Unidade de Investigação GILT foi convidada a participar no programa Tech3 da RTP, com o intuito de divulgar o seu trabalho de investigação orientado para a inclusão e educação. Em seguida, poderá assistir à reportagem completa.


The ATHENA Soft & Research Skills Academy lectures happen every Monday at 15H online.
Launched on the 21st of March 2022, the Academy sessions are coordinated by K. Petridis  (HMU, Greece), Ana Barata (leading researcher at GILT, representing P.Porto), and Pietro Oliva (Cusano, Italy), involving various guest speakers coming from ATHENA network.

Although open to all of the academic community, this joint initiative targets students attending any degree or year in Higher Education.

Time Management Skills (21/03/2022) – K. Petridis (HMU, Greece)

  • Collaboration SKills (28/03/2022) – Ana Barata (IPP, Portugal)
  • Leadership Skills (04/04/2022) – Mario Caporale (Italian Space Agency, Italy)
  • Resilience Skills (11/04/2022) – Kleio Koutra (HMU, Greece)
  • Active Listening Skills (02/05/2022) – Alberto Peixoto Pinto (IPP & ISMAI, Portugal)
  • Emotional Intelligence (09/05/2022) Ana Sá (Porto Business School & IPAM, Portugal)
  • Cultural Intelligence (16/05/2022) – Tatjana Welzer (UoM, Slovenia)
  • Presentation Skills (23/05/2022) – K. Petridis (HMU, Greece)
  • How to prepare a poster and read a scientific report/paper (30/05/2022) – K. Petridis (HMU, Greece)
  • How to build your Interview Skills (06/06/2022) – Maria Kartalou (THENAMARIS, Greece)
  • How to perform bibliographic Research (13/06/2022) – Pietro Oliva (Cusano, Italy)
  • Building your Digital Skills (20/06/2022) – Pietro Oliva (Cusano, Italy)
  • Open Access to Research Publications – Reflection of a Librarian – Ms. Dunja Legat (University of Maribor, Slovenia) (27/06/2022)
  • Reading Data on Research Funding and the Changing Role of Bibliometrics – Joszef Gyorkos, (University of Maribor, Slovenia) (04/07/2022)

Link for students to enroll in the course: https://forms.gle/8j4QLJWdZ1BBjy9QA

ATHENA’s World Intellectual Property Day 2022

World Intellectual Property 2022 “recognizes the huge potential of young people to find new and better solutions that support the transition to a sustainable future”. The theme for this year is IP and Youth: Innovating for a Better Future, in line with ATHENAS’s general and WP6 activities, while celebrating youth-led innovation and creativity.

The event, taking place on the 21st of April, will be held in an online format and in English with live lectures/presentations. The purpose of the event is to promote ATHENA European University and highlight the importance of IP among our target audiences. World Intellectual Property Day 2022 “is an opportunity for young people to find out how IP rights can support their goals, help transform their ideas into reality, generate income, create jobs and make a positive impact on the world around them”.

To learn more about the event, please check the attached file or access the following link.