SGAMES 6th EAI International Conference

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SGAMES – 6th EAI International Conference on Serious Games, Interaction and Simulation, June 16–17, 2016, Porto, Portugal



SGAMES, the International Conference on Serious Games, Interaction and Simulation is a multidisciplinary approach to the presentation of research, theory, application, practice and validation in the field of Serious Games for any level and any area. As such it covers areas like cognition, psychology, technology-enhanced education, evaluation and assessment, multimedia and information technology, interaction and simulation. SGames 2016 is interested in new scientific approaches and results from experiments and real-life applications.



Topics of interest:

  • Technology, tools and systems for Serious Games
  • Game platforms, toolkits, frameworks, engines, APIs and libraries
  • Game interfaces (input devices, speech, gestures)
  • Content generation tools
  • Immersive Environments, virtual environments, virtual reality, augmented reality, mixed reality use for Serious Games
  • Games for education and training
  • Games for emergency and disaster management, crowd simulation, crime scene investigation
  • Games for health, medical training, therapy
  • Games and art
  • Serious Games for other purposes
  • Games for science and research
  • Game platforms
  • Online, Multi-user games
  • Games for mobile, handheld, and connected systems
  • Game Security and Networking
  • Future Issues of Serious Games
  • Accessibility and inclusive design for Serious Games
  • Serious games design
  • Gaming communities, games and society
  • Evaluation of Serious Games
  • Interaction principles, theories, and models
  • Interactive systems and devices
  • Interaction & interface design & evaluation
  • User modeling and user focus
  • Usability and universal accessibility
  • Agents and human interaction
  • Social aspects of human-computer interaction
  • Modeling and simulation tools and platforms
  • Virtual reality and graphical simulations
  • Computer simulation techniques
  • Formal methods for simulation
  • Social systems simulation
  • Agent based modeling and simulation
  • Biologically Inspired Systems Simulation

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