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The EU countries, and specifically the South and Eastern countries that participate in this consortium (Cyprus, Greece, Southern Spain, Portugal, Romania) while they consider Water and Waste-water resources management (WRM) a very important aspect of their environmental policies, have neither specific curricula and practical oriented materials in their education systems regarding this field nor a specific map of competencies. NIREAS project aims to contribute to the improvement of education and training in the field by offering complete and quality educational contents and a methodology that will help the accreditation of competencies acquired through non formal and informal learning. The main target group are the operators of the Wastewater Treatment Plants. Generic Objetives: To ensure that the WRM setor workforce acquires the necessary skills and knowledge for their job development, to contribute to the development of digital contents and to involve the final users and other stakeholders into the process of eLearning contents development and delivery in order to reach transparent and portable skills certification and employment.


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