ISEP Promotes the Creation of an European Association Directed to ICT Education

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GILT (Games, Interaction and Learning Technologies), ISEP research group, has been focused on the development of research studies and projects that contribute towards a better knowledge and implementation of ICT in the fields of education and learning. Thus, it’s important to highlight the european association ICTWays, that emerges as a direct result of the namesake project, in which the coordination and management roles were under the responsibility of GILT.
The association has been in place since December 2015, aiming at being driven by many of the purposes that inspired the ICTWays. Therefore, it comprises some of the main objectives that guided the project above mentioned. “ICTWays network idea greout of the felt need to bring together a number of professionals (teachers), particularly from high school, but also from different technology fields (Mathematics and Science). The focus of this network is to apply ICT in Science Education”, recalls GILT researcher, Carlos Vaz de Carvalho. Consequently, the ICTWays network “was able to fill a gap, since many teachers wouldn’t feel comfortable using technologies when faced with the need to use them”, explains the ISEP professor.
With the established platform, which includes approximately 5,000 users, teachers can now access blogs and forums where they can share ideias with professionals from the technology field. The association will continue to ensure the organisation of events, such as intensive training workshops’ and as well the annual conference that involves all participants.

ICTWays was funded by European Union and involved the participation of many partners, namely: Universidade Portucalense Infante D. Henrique, Portugal; Tenelia e Universidad de Vigo, Spain; University of Applied Sciences, Lithuania; Accord International, Czech Republic; Cordia, Slovakia; Fondazione Ikaros e Provincia di Parma, Italy; Atakoy Cumhuriyet Amadelu Lisesi,Turkey).

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