6th EAI International Conference on Serious Games, Interaction and Simulation (SGAMES)

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June 16–17, 2016

The EAI International Conference on Serious Games, Interaction and Simulation (SGAMES) 6th edition took place in Instituto Superior de Engenharia do Porto (ISEP), between 16th and 17th june.

GILT (Games, Interaction and Learning Technologies), a group that focuses on the analysis, development and dissemination of technical and scientific knowledge concerning virtual reality, multimedia, interaction and learning technologies, was one of the main event organisers.

SGAMES has has been promoting a multidisciplinary approach regarding the research process and the development of practical applications in the fields in which it operates, namely psychology, learning technologies, ICT, among others.

According to Carlos Vaz de Carvalho (GILT sub-director), the main goals of this conference were to: “Promote the use, the understanding and the interest in regard to serious games (and learning games, in particular), as well as to better enable a design and development collaboration with respect to these kind of games”. ISEP professor says furthermore that the conference “is aimed at all involved in the design and development and use of serious/learning games, specifically, computer engineers”.

Lately, there has been an exponential development in this area (GILT eCity project is an example of the many ideas emerging nowadays). However, and despite the positive growth, there still is a limited use of SGames, mainly due to physical and cost barriers, as well as issues regarding hardware.



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